72. Don’t write, just do

I want to write and put into the record what I’m thinking about, but my mind just doesn’t seem to be there.  The funny thing is that I want to write about, in light of the nature of the two artists I posted last week, how maybe art could help me control the chaotic and overwhelming flow of information that I’ve always been a slave to.  How the constant shifting between different areas of study and interest has paralyzed me, preventing me from ever finishing anything or gaining any momentum in my life.  I feel like my mind’s fighting against me trying to reconcile it through writing.

Instead, I finished a little project this weekend.  Nothing too astounding, other than the fact that I stuck long enough to finish it.  It’s a model of the Chrysler building from the book Origami Architecture (it’s not origami, not even close, but whatever).  I had to cut out over 3000 identical windows.  I found the repetitiveness quite comforting.  It turned out quite well.

The model turned out great, but I almost regretted putting the pieces together.  I found that I’m more attracted to the deconstructed look.  There’s something to the order and the repetitiveness of the pieces all laid out.

That’s it.  No other analysis.  Don’t know what’s next.



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