72. Don’t write, just do

I want to write and put into the record what I’m thinking about, but my mind just doesn’t seem to be there.  The funny thing is that I want to write about, in light of the nature of the two artists I posted last week, how maybe art could help me control the chaotic and overwhelming flow of information that I’ve always been a slave to.  How the constant shifting between different areas of study and interest has paralyzed me, preventing me from ever finishing anything or gaining any momentum in my life.  I feel like my mind’s fighting against me trying to reconcile it through writing.

Instead, I finished a little project this weekend.  Nothing too astounding, other than the fact that I stuck long enough to finish it.  It’s a model of the Chrysler building from the book Origami Architecture (it’s not origami, not even close, but whatever).  I had to cut out over 3000 identical windows.  I found the repetitiveness quite comforting.  It turned out quite well.

The model turned out great, but I almost regretted putting the pieces together.  I found that I’m more attracted to the deconstructed look.  There’s something to the order and the repetitiveness of the pieces all laid out.

That’s it.  No other analysis.  Don’t know what’s next.



71. Kris Kuksi

Here’s another artist I’m very much interested in, Kris Kuksi:

Even with only two artists, there’s a pretty obvious (and definitely not unintended) indication of what I am attracted to:  an overwhelming amount of detail, and the obsessive amount of process that had to go into creating the work.

Also, I find that I’m not as interested in the message that the work portrays.  It’s very easy for me to separate the art and message and focus only on what I’m interested in.  So I got that going for me.

That’s all I’m saying right now – I have a long weekend coming up, with time to muse.  Wish me luck.


70. Building Up

Don’t mind me; just trying to collect and build some stuff up in advance of a (hopefully) very productive and enlightening summer vacation.  For this post, I’m adding what is probably my favorite paper artist, Bovey Lee.  I’m thinking a lot about art these days, and I’m finding that I’m attracted to two related things: intricate detail, and a near-obsessive creation process.  Her works seem to cover both.  Click on the picture to take you to her page.

For the next post, I have another artist that I like for similar reasons.


69. Perfect Storm

Trying to keep some momentum here.  Also trying to figure out the optimum time to publish in order to maximize traffic.

Today, some music. A perfect storm of artists, at least in my own limited musical reality.  Mayer Hawthorne covering a Chromeo song, with the groove provided by a Steely Dan sample (Do It Again).  Enjoy.


68. Too excited?

Came across this video about a world-record setting paper airplane throw, by a former college quarterback (What???).  Nothing wrong with paper airplanes and goal setting, but the post-throw reaction really concerns me.  A little too excited for what is, basically, a pretty trivial exercise.

I suck at embedding video; just sending you to the link:  Here

Since I’m trying to get posts out without getting bogged down with 2000-word musing and never finishing anything, I’m just going to let it go.  There’s something in this video that really troubles me about our society, though.  And I’m not just talking about middle-aged men in dress shirts, novelty ties, and ball caps.

Maybe it can be concisely summed up in one of the comments: “In the meantime, Chinese 5th graders are learning Calculus”.


67. Stop Motion Ad

As spring approaches, I want to do simple posts of cool stuff I find.  This is a good way to start.

Excellent paper/stop motion ad:  Project Page

The video:

The Making Of video:


66. Waking up.

Time to end my winter hibernation.  Here are my vitals at the end of February, 2012:

Physical State

Good.  I’ve dropped about 5 pounds over the last month, and I haven’t been sick since early last fall.  Airborne is a miracle product.

Mental State

Mostly good.  The mind is as chaotic as ever, but hints of disciplined thought are cropping up more and more.

Spiritual State

In a holding pattern.  It’s not a good idea to think about religion during an election year.  Watching the candidates reminds me why I don’t like going to church.  I’m just going to keep reading Dante and St. Augustine until after November.

Attention span for reading books, working on projects, etc.

About two weeks.  Not bad.  Not great, either.

Current reading

Maphead, Ken Jennings
Distrust that Particular Flavor, William Gibson
Seize the Day, Saul Bellow
Thousand and One Nights, Madrus and Mathers translation (my favorite one)

Music of the Moment

Yuksek, Living On the Edge of Time.  French synth pop.

Current tough intellectual question that I lack the intelligence and time to figure out.

Are democracy and capitalism fundamentally incompatible?  And, if so, which one would more Americans pick if forced to choose only one?

Professional Life

Better than I want it to be.  I really like teaching math, much more so than science (more philosophical, no labs).  The funding crisis is slowly improving, as are standards and accountability.  I’ve made it to the end of February with more energy and emotional well-being than I probably ever have.  It’s going well enough that I probably won’t leave it for a while.  Not necessarily what I wanted to hear.

Current ‘I don’t want to be a teacher any more’ pursuit

I want to be an artist.




X-acto knife

Anything Ready to Reveal Yet?



All grown up.  10 1/2 months old.  14-15 pounds each.  Intelligent enough.  They’ve learned to control their claws, which is good for my furniture and my skin.

Statius. I'm embarrassed by my crappy faucet.


Summer Plans

  1. No traveling.  Thinking about Japan again in 2013, though.
  2. Class planning.  A good teacher is a prepared teacher, and 90% of effective classroom management is having a plan for every second of every period.  I’m also fed up with all my textbooks, so I’m just going to write my own.
  3. Work on this ‘I want to be an artist’ thing.

Finally, I’m trying to spend some time on my online presence.  I now have a Pinterest page, and I set up a Flickr page in order to post and store my collection of paper ephemera.  My Flickr user name is RazorBoy2019.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully I’ll be posting more in the coming year.